Item Loss of Specimen Chop / Change of Account Name
Required Documents
1.A new chop
2.All the transferred stock certificates
3.Identity documents and a copy of ones
4.Where a third party is consigned to carry out the procedures, such consignee shall be a citizen of the Republic of China, and the proxy and National Identity Card of the consignee shall also be attached.
5.In the case of application by correspondence, the certificate of the applicant's chop submitted by household registration offices or his / her National Identity Card shall be attached.
6.In the case of change of account name, the shareholder shall attach the household registry, approval of the competent authority and the evidential documents of the change of account name.
7.A piece of specimen chop card
8.Application of chop loss / chop change / change of account name
1.Except an announcement of taking effect on the same day after completing registration procedures is made by the applicant, the new specimen chop shall be effective on the next date after completing registration procedures.
2.Juristic person shareholder shall attach
(1)An application letter bearing the company chop and the chop of the responsible person who represents the company that are same on the company amendment registration chart issued by the competent authority.
(2)Photocopy of the company amendment registration chart marked out it is tallied with the original one.
(3)ID card of the responsible person of the juristic person shareholderor the chop certificate issued by the household registration office.
1.Specimen Chop Card
2.Application of chop loss / chop change /change of account name