Item Apply for Stock Loss Registration
Required Documents
1.Chop ( If the applicant is an original shareholder, this chop shall be the specimen one )
2.Certificate issued by police offices for filing the loss of stock
3.Application of Stock Loss Registration
4.Purchasing Report or Trading Sheet issued by securities firms ( For not transferred lost stocks only )
5.List of Stock Certificate Number issued by securities firms ( For not transferred lost stocks only )
6.A copy of transferee's National Identity Card ( Including the front and the back side ) ( Not necessary for an original shareholder )
7.A piece of Specimen Chop Card ( Not necessary for an original shareholder )
8.Where a third person is consigned to apply for the lost of stock certificates, a natural person shall provide a power of attorney, and a juristic person shall provide an application letter, and the power of attorney and the application letter shall be chopped with the original specimen chop.
1.The applicant may inquire about the number of lost stocks that had been transferred from Stock Department of the company.
2.The applicant shall, within five days after applying for stock loss registration, apply to the courts for public announcement of the event, and a copy of application to the court and the court acceptance voucher shall be sent to the company.
3.Upon issuance of the public announcement ruling by the courts, the applicant shall send a newspaper that the announcement was published to the company, and upon the expiration of the period of public announcement, the applicant may apply to the company for re-issuance of lost stock certificates by attaching the court judgment declaring the lost stock certificates being void.
4.While the stock is still in the process of stock loss registration, the dividends, distributed stock dividends and other ancillary rights accumulated during the period shall be held and not distributed by the company until the court judgment has been issued.
1.Application of Stock Loss Registration
2.Specimen Chop Card