Item Apply for Cancellation of Stock Loss Registration
Required Documents
1.Specimen chop
2.Application of Cancellation of Stock Loss Registration
3.Where a third person is consigned to apply for cancellation of stock loss registration, a natural person shall provide a power of attorney, and a juristic person shall provide an application letter, and the power of attorney and the application letter shall be chopped with the specimen chop.
1.The applicant finds his/her original stocks after applying for stock loss registration shall complete an application for cancellation of a report of loss of stock certificates and send it to the company for examination and recordation.
2.Where the applicant has already applied to a court for public announcement of the event or for a judgment voiding the stock certificates pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure, the applicant shall submit photocopies of the application to the court for cancellation of the public announcement or for withdrawal of the judgment voiding the stock certificates, and of the receipt issued by the court for the documents.
1.Application of Cancellation of Stock Loss Registration