Item Transfer via Gift
Required Documents
1.Specimen chop of transferor / giver
2.Chop of transferee / receiver ( Specimen chop shall be required if the transferee / receiver is an original shareholder )
3.Stock Certificate
4.Certificates proving that Gift Tax has been paid or exemption from Gift Tax payment issued by tax authorities and a copy of them
5.Form 673 / Transfer application
6.A piece of Specimen Chop Card ( Not necessary for an original shareholder )
7.A copy of transferee's National Identity Card ( Including the front and the back side ) ( Not necessary for an original shareholder )
1.Where the receiver is a minor, his / her parents' chops shall be required additionally.
2.Instead of Required Documents No.4, in case of gift between a couple, certificates proving that the specific gift will not be added to the gross gift amount issued by the National Tax Administration shall be attached.
3.The income of Tax-Deferred stock will be included in the annual income after the transfer.
4.If your securities deposited under TDCC custody, please carry necessary documents to securities firm for application.
1.Transfer Application
4.Specimen Chop Card