Item Transfer via Inheritance
Required Documents
1.Chop of inheritor
A piece of Specimen Chop Card of the inheritor and a copy of inheritor's National Identity Card ( Not necessary for an original shareholder )
2.Form 673 / Transfer application
3.All stock certificates of the inherited party
4.Line of inheritance chart ( family tree ) :
It shall be completed by the applicant inheriting party in accordance with Articles 1138 through 1140 of the Civil Code; if there are any errors, the applicant shall be responsible therefore.
5.The current household registry of the inheritor. It shall not be attached if the inheritor is a foreigner.
6.Stocks distribution agreement of all inheritors ( It must be stamped by all inheritors ); where a judgment is rendered by a court, the judgment shall be supplied.
7.Certificates proving that Inheritance Tax has been paid or exemption from Inheritance Tax payment submitted by tax authorities.
8.All inheritors' identity documents:
(1)Domestic inheritor: A copy of inheritor's National Identity Card ( Including the front and the back side ) or the inheritor's chop certificate issued by the household registration office. If the inheritor is a minor, the statutory agent's National Identity Card or chop certificate issued by the household registration office shall also be attached.
(2)For a foreign inheriting party, the residence certificate, passport, certificate legalized by an ROC representative body or issued by local court or government agency in the shareholder's home country, or identity document notarized by a statutory notary institution in the inheriting party's home country.
(3)Where the inheriting party consigns other person to process the transfer on his/her behalf, the consignee shall be a citizen of the Republic of China, and the consignee's National Identity Card and the power of attorney shall be presented.
(4)An inheriting party who is a person of the mainland China area shall submit inheritance relationship documents that have been certified by the Straits Exchange Foundation and the inheritance relationship certificate or similar documents issued by a notary authority within the mainland China area.
(5)If an inheriting party cannot personally come to Taiwan to process such matters due to his special status or other reasons, such person shall attach a legally recognized power of attorney and appoint a third person located within the Taiwan area to process such matters.
1.The income of Tax-Deferred stock will be back upon the year of death income after the transfer.
2.If your securities deposited under TDCC custody, please carry necessary documents to securities firm for application.
1.Transfer Application
4.Inheritance Chart (Family Tree)
5.Stock Distribution Agreement
6.Specimen Chop Card