Meeting Name Annual General Meeting
Meeting Date 2022/5/31 09:00 am
Meeting Place Meeting Room on the 10th floor, International Convention Center of Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, No.11, Zhongshan S. Road, Taipei City, Taiwan
Deadline for Purchase Date 2022/03/30
Closing Period for Transfer Registration 2022/04/02 - 2022/05/31
Agenda 1. Matters for Report:
(1) Business Report of the year 2021.
(2) Audit Committee's Review Report of the year 2021.
(3) 2021 Employees' Compensation and Directors' Remuneration Report.
(4) 2021 Cash Dividend Distribution Report.
(5) Corporate Bond Report.
2. Matters for Ratification and Discussion:
(1) Ratification of the 2021 Business Report and Financial Report.
(2) Ratification of the 2021 Earnings Distribution.
(3) Discussion on amendment of the “Procedures for Acquiring and Disposing of Assets”.
(4) Discussion on amendment of the “Articles of Incorporation”.
3. Matters for Election: To by-elect one director of the Company.
4. Matters for Other Proposals: Discussion on approving the release of restrictions of competitive activities for the newly by-elected director.
5. Matters for extraordinary motion.
6. Any other matters that need to be specified: Other proposals will be proposed to Annual General Meeting based on the shareholders’ proposals and actual conditions.
Election of Director&Supervisor To by-elect one director of the Company.
The way of exercising shareholders' voting right In person, by proxy or by way of electronic transmission.
The period for exercising voting right by way of electronic transmission is from April 30 to May 28, 2022. Please log in the website of Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (www.stockvote.com.tw) and follow the instructions to vote.
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